Jade Integrated Development Environment 4.10: JadeIDE the Integrated Development Environment for JAVA supporting the SUN JDK.

Jade Integrated Development Environment 4.10

Environment is a straightforward development environment, which provides a GUI for the most important tools of the SUN JDK in order to ease the editing of source code, the compilation of Java classes and finally the execution of a Java Application respectively a Java Applet. Supported are the following functions: 01. Jade Editor optimized for Java coding (positioning to method, template insertion, checkpoint management...). 02. invocation of the

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Rapid Environment Editor Rapid Environment Editor is a freeware Windows environment variables editor

Rapid Environment Editor

Rapid Environment Editor is an environment variables editor. It includes easy to use GUI and replaces small and inconvenient Windows edit box. Features: * Show environment vars as an editable tree * Ability to choose variable value using File Explorer tree * Automatically checking for invalid paths/filenames * Backup environment variables to the reg file * Drag`n`drop support to reorder values * "Portable mode" to run from removable media

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Sense Professional Edition 1.15.0: Rich-text editor with GUI Plugin support and FTP Client.

Sense Professional Edition 1.15.0

GUI Plugin extensible multi-paned Edit Environments. The default Edit Environment includes Outline, Scratchpad and ViewPoint panes with tree-views for structural editing and navigation. ViewPoints are clones of document material singled out and categorized (ViewPointed) into an uncluttered workspace for focused editing. Changes are synchronized back to the main document. Multi-level lists including headed sections may be expanded and collapsed retaining

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CertExams.com Network Plus LabSim 1.0: Network+ Lab Simulator with 100+ lab exercises.

CertExams.com Network Plus LabSim 1.0

CertExams.com lab simulator for CompTIA Network+ consists of several lab exercises for thorough hands-on preparation in a simulated network environment. This labsim is particularly useful for candidates intending to lean computer networking in a LAN/WAN environment. One will be able to practice existing lab exercises or design one`s own labs using GUI interface. Several networking devices including routers, switches and WAPs are supported.

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pdScript IDE 1.0: Code editor and visual form designer for Pascal Script language

pdScript IDE 1.0

pdScript IDE (Precision Delphi Script IDE) is a development environment for writting the code and designing the forms (GUI) in a Pascal Script language. pdScript IDE can be used as a standalone editor of scripts, that are designed for any product that relies on "RemObjects Pascal Script engine". pdScript IDE facilitates especially the events assignment and designing of the forms (GUI for scripts) as such.

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Ultimate++ 605: Ultimate++ is a C++ cross-platform rapid application development suite.

Ultimate++ 605

GUI, SQL, etc..), and an integrated development environment. Rapid development is achieved by the smart and aggressive use of C++ rather than through fancy code generators. In this respect, U++ competes with popular scripting languages while preserving C/C++ runtime characteristics. The U++ integrated development environment, TheIDE, introduces modular concepts to C++ programming. It features BLITZ-build technology to speedup C++ rebuilds up to 4

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FireDaemon Pro 3.5.2536: A utility to install and run any application or script as a Windows service

FireDaemon Pro 3.5.2536

FireDaemon Pro is a system utility that allows you to install and run any 32-bit or 64-bit application or script (EXE, DLL, BAT CMD, .NET, Perl, Java, Python, TCL/TK) as a Windows service. FireDaemon Pro features easy service configuration via the GUI or command line, a low memory and CPU overhead, subprocess prioritization, custom environments, scheduling, popup closing, CPU binding, monitoring and logging to the event log and on-disk log files.

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ZZEE PHP GUI 3.1.0: Easily run PHP scripts in GUI mode in Windows - no hassle, no webserver needed


GUI as you may have expected. ZZEE PHP GUI solves these problems altogether. ZZEE PHP GUI is an easy-to-install PHP solution for Windows. It sets up in seconds and works out-of-the-box. Now you can rapidly develop Windows GUI applications by employing the familiar PHP web paradigm. Thanks to ZZEE PHP GUI, PHP scripts can become full-featured Windows programs. You also can use it to test your website scripts without uploading them first. You don`t

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Visual Prolog 7.3.7303: Visual Prolog 7.3 PE,  Programming environment: compiler, IDE, linker, debugger.

Visual Prolog 7.3.7303

environment with: * Integrated Development Environment * Compiler * Linker * Debugger The Personal Edition is for non-commercial usage only. It creates EXE and DLL files. There is library support for: file system, console, registry, environment variables and GUI programs. The Personal Edition has limited library support compared to the Commercial Edition. With the Commercial Edition you get additional GUI controls, COM support, ODBC support, sockets

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dbForge Studio for Oracle 3.5

dbForge Studio for Oracle is a powerful integrated development environment (IDE) which helps Oracle developers to increase PL/SQL coding speed, provides versatile data editing tools for managing in-database and external data. dbForge Studio for Oracle adds lots of features wrapped into a smooth GUI consistent with Microsoft Visual Studio. This tool is focused on enhancing productivity and simplifying your daily Oracle database development tasks.

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